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Home, School and Parish praying together
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St Joseph & The Wednesday Word

St Joseph

The Wednesday Word is dedicated to St Joseph, and in the tradition of the Catholic Church each Wednesday is dedicated to him. Moreover, two of St Joseph's titles are "Protector of the Christian Family" and "Guardian of the Church". As the one who watches over both the Church and families, it seems appropriate to request St Joseph's powerful intercession for The Wednesday Word and to celebrate his day (Wednesday) with The Wednesday Word scripture and prayer custom, which seeks to develop the spiritual well-being of Christian families and re-awaken the faith of non-practising Catholics.

Praying the Sunday Gospel on the previous Wednesday also gives churched school families time to prepare for the proclamation of the Gospel at the Sunday Mass, and time to reflect together as a family how that Gospel may be lived out among them in the coming week. We also hope that many parishioners in churches linked with participating schools will pray the adult version of The Wednesday Word, thus creating a powerful Church/School bond. A deep spiritual communion between parishioners and school families on the same evening each week would help build up the Body of Christ in School and in Church and in the Home. In pilot schemes of The Wednesday Word many lapsed families were pleasantly surprised when they learnt of the loving prayer being offered each Wednesday for their families by parishioners from local churches.

Finally, through The Wednesday Word we hope that many families will develop a new spiritual custom. Regularity is vital if a custom is to be established. We would encourage families to mark out a regular spot in their diaries on the same day each week (preferably on Wednesdays, for reasons given above) and so create a habit of family time and prayer.

"Go out to the whole world, and proclaim the good news to all creation"

Mark 16:15